1. knee-deep-in-clunge-mate:

    things I like 

    • older men
    • older men in suits
    • older men who call me a good girl
    • older men
    • older men with tattoos
    • friends with hot dads
    • older men who smell good
    • older men

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    "Bastian told me: You realised my dream, you made me the happiest man in the world!" - Mario Goetze

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  4. If Israel truly wanted genocide, this would’ve been over decades ago. That’s an uncomfortable truth for a lot of academics and Israel haters, and an even moreso uncomfortable truth for a media that relies on this story being reported as a battle of two sides who equally want to kill, destroy, and eliminate each other. We’re often told about Israel’s nuclear arsenal, their powerful army and airforce, and their overwhelming numbers. What’s not talked about is their clear restraint, even when faced daily with an onslaught of people who cheer when a mall, bus, disco, or pizzeria blows up and kills nothing but innocent people.

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    Just watch this, ok? it’s beyond EPIC.

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    Christians for black racism

    Save equality for millennials.

    Blame White Video Games.

    OK then!

    Blame male dolphins

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  7. deutschtaeglich:

    "Tell the truth even when your voice quivers"

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  8. draxl3rs:

    1/23 brothers: manuel neuer

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    1. Teacher in Brazil: Kids, let's count to 7!
    2. Kids: Müller,Klose,Kroos,Kroos,Khedira,Schürrle,Schürrle.

  9. Anonymous said: Where in Germany are you?