1. rendering-tools:

    Kramer looks so high

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  3. Sfl is sucha joke now, in the past week they have come out in support of
    -labor laws
    -the god damn EU
    -gay marriage, but because it like totally “reduces divorce rates”

    Go away


  4. I’m gonna move to New Zealand


  5. Anonymous asked: Which is your least favorite race?



  6. Anonymous asked: While you certainly are a Fox I wouldn't quite say you are a Fox News. ;-)

    One of the more clever compliments I’ve heard, anon


  7. Anonymous asked: Objectivism? pft, My hairy white ass. Are you too cowardly to admit you are wrong? I mean is it so hard to understand the Patriot Act and the NSA were created BY BUSH? This man had destroyed your Bill of Rights. Yet, you act like he is still so great. Not to mention, Republicans don't even give a shit about Veterans. I know right? They are SO Patriotic by denying them Food Stamps/Healthcare. Not to mention the fact that Bush stalled 7 minutes while America was under attack? What the fuck is that

    You’re a good troll, anon.


  8. Anonymous asked: so what is your opinion on welfare states such as germany?

    It’s dildos


  9. christian-glibertarian asked: Me like you, you good.



  10. bayoread:





    I just want to hug it. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?

    It’s a Chusky (Chow Chow + Husky).

    im fucking crying

    The most adorably dejected looking dog I’ve ever seen.

    It’s the Eeyore of the dog world.

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