1. Yea I really don’t care if you’re offended by my comments about the Middle East. I’m done walking on egg shells with other libertarians. I don’t like Islam and I don’t have to kiss its ass in order to be a libertarian.

    You never lived there, you have no idea what it’s like. Nothing about libertarianism is even compatible with their culture, so of course I don’t like it. Judging is rational and necessary. There is nothing wrong or anti liberty about it. That’s the thing about libertarianism- you can have your judgements and opinions, but you simply don’t force others to live by them through the law/government/force. So yes, I wish the Arab world would adopt more American ideals. But I don’t believe in achieving this by using violence.

    I can laugh at my friend’s jokes and personally feel that the world would be a better place without a country like Iran without actually being of the opinion that we need to bomb it and kill innocents.

    Too many libertarians are no better than liberals with all these cultural Marxist attitudes they have. Stop acting like everything is a zero sum game here. It’s really damn ridiculous.

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    Everyone read this. Its very important that none of you turn out to be like this “libertarian-rupublican” bullshitter....
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    Good Luck, World: Yea I really don’t care if you’re offended by my comments about the… the-liberty-republican: Yea I...
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    would you like a towel to clean up your evisceration?
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