1. I applauded Ann Coulter for saying this

    "We’re living in a country that is 70-percent socialist, the government takes 60 percent of your money. They are taking care of your health care, of your pensions. They’re telling you who you can hire, what the regulations will be. And you want to suck up to your little liberal friends and say, ‘Oh, but we want to legalize pot.’ You know, if you were a little more manly you would tell the liberals what your position on employment discrimination is. How about that? But it’s always ‘We want to legalize pot."

    This was such a legitimate point, and everyone got so angry. Until libertarians stop acting like whiny liberals about everything, we aren’t going to get anywhere and this movement will become entirely perverted with statism. 

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    I’m a Libertarian because the GOP is too liberal for me .dont get it twisted I as right wing as they come .i don’t give...
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