1. Anyone surprised? Because I’m certainly not. 

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    Anyone surprised? Because I’m certainly not. I hate your white faves, America In 1923, as a member of the Harvard board...
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    I HIGHLY recommend everyone read the entire article.
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    I started cackling at “Team Polio”
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    It’s like a hot mess of liveblogging FDR movies? Which I suppose is an appropriate defense mechanism when a bunch of...
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    THANK YOU, historicity-reblogs! We’ve also got to remember that pretty much the extent that FDR (and America) let Jews...
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    Considering his public policies sending refugee ships loaded with tens of thousands of Jews back to Nazi Germany, this...
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    And millions of innocent human beings died because of his and his WASP cadre’s brand of anti-Semitism. It’s one thing to...
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